When you stay at our horse motel or board each month at The Stables, we will take care of all the feeding, cleaning of stalls, and pampering of your horse. The facility is open to all horse breeds for boarding and offering horse shows.

Our state-of-the-art horse boarding stables feature these equine facilities:

  • Two large horse barns, each with roomy 10 x 12 stalls
  • Automatic waterers for horses in each stall and in the pastures
  • Padded walkways for comfort and safety in the stalls
  • Secure individual tack lockers
  • State-of-the-art ventilation system for cleaner and healthier air for the horses and guests
  • Automatic indoor arena watering system for safer and healthier riding for riders and horses
  • Automatic overhead fly spray system to reduce disease carrying flies in the facility
  • Pastures all have shade areas for horses and readily available water
  • Hay and grain storage
  • Round pens for training and warm ups
  • Indoor lighted and heated riding arena 66’ x 120’
  • Large fenced outdoor riding arena 150’ x 250’
  • Outdoor arena for horse shows including 3 stalls and a covered viewing area for visitors
  • Safe turnout lots and pastures for horses, with lean-to’s for shelter
  • Pasture horses are rotated for optimum grazing
  • 11 pastures with nearly 50 total acres for grazing
  • On-site horseshoeing school and farrier services available
  • Obstacle course for training and agility
  • Gaited track

For our “two-footed” guests we offer:

  • Spacious climate-controlled lounge for viewing riders in the indoor arena year round, with kitchen, soda and snack machines!
  • Free wi-fi is available to our boarders.
  • Wheelchair accessible with have two full size, fully equipped bathrooms with a shower stall for changing and preparing for horse shows