Rocky Mountain Horses are a joy to own and ride. They are a naturally gaited horse, with a unique four-beat lateral gait making them smooth to ride. They are known for the gentle nature and smart mind, and are easy to break for riding. Bred for long hours in the saddle over diverse terrain, they shine in the show ring and on the trail. If the smooth ride was not enough to sell you on this wonderful breed, the gentle and calm disposition surely will! They are eager to please, love attention and are all around intelligent horses. Rocky Mountain Horses come in a variety of color combinations, but they are mostly widely know for their dark coloring with light, flaxen manes and tails. We have nearly a dozen full grown RMH’s plus younger ones who will be trained to ride once they are of age.

HFR Crimson Skies

  • Dark Chocolate/Bay
  • 6
  • RMHA
  • Filly
  • 1500.00
  • Rocky Mtn. Horses
  • 15.1
  • 217-652-3871
  • RMHA 2011043847 Born 5-1-13. This beautiful filly has had 30 days of  training. Stands for farrier, does not buck or kick. She just needs miles.

    Ee and nn color tested. She is black based but carries a recessive copy of the red gene. Negative for silver dilution. Aa which shows she carries one agouti (bay) gene.

  • RMHA #2013045421 This registered Rocky Mountain Filly is out of LS Crimson Storm and EWF Blue Skies Forever (blue roan). Nice head and build. This one will be a beauty. Great potential for breeding, trails or show ring.

Vergeland Cheska

  • Grey
  • 14
  • Mare
  • 1500.00
  • Rocky Mountain
  • 14.2
  • Beth
  • Cheska is a great horse under saddle and a great mom.

LS Crimson Storm

  • Sorrel
  • 19
  • Mare
  • 500.00
  • RM
  • 14.2
  • Used as a broodmare since we purchased her 2011. Great mother and easy keeper. She has given us some wonderful babies. Could be ridden again if someone worked with her.

Cypress Sundown

  • Chocolate
  • 18
  • Mare
  • 500.00
  • RM
  • 15
  • Used as a broodmare since we bought her in 2009. She is a great mother and easy keeper. She has given us some beautiful babies. She has one bad eye.